WOOW 28 comes alive

I choose for radio. Skipped the Sunday morning  cycle round and the very nice late summer weekend. Propagation looked very promising  with the high solar flux and good results on 28 WSPR the days before. Al-dough that's no guaranty for the next days but!
28 wide open to USA  and Japan the Friday evening late 20UTC  28 open to N-Texas rare!
In the CQWWRTTY   not real my preferred mode but  DX-wise interesting.
Lot of radioactivity from JA on 28   and  in between  some extra goodies
KG6DX  DV1/JO7KMB   W6HGF/KH0    KH2    and   FIJI  3D2EG heard in a giant pile but he was covered to much could only work some more Italians.  Later on 21093 same story.  Those  Pacific area's are very touch to get.  Once there is propagation  we are behind everyone to get there... I was running LP 100W but tried with PA for this occasion to work once Fiji  it did not help.
No VK2 heard 28 Sunday  Saturday I was maybe too late   2 VK6 I could QSO     21MHz ZM2B the only zone 32 sofar 
W6HGF/KH0 on 21118 was forced to QRT by constant calling trough his QSO's by what I heard UR2 and others they just would not stop calling and made QSO impossible.
No matter what he said  they kept on calling.. 
In RTTY this way the QSO rate goes down to zero. Other than in CW or Phone there is no escape against  this operators.
It was the last day of 4W6A  I did not try to call them any more zero QSO I hope they have a good trip home.


PE4BAS, Bas said…
Hallo Jaap, 28MHz was inderdaad goed open. Heel wat gewerkt, ook TX USA. En ik heb niet eens een beam. Ook sttions gemist hoor, XE2R o.a. sterk signaal maar het lukte mij niet. 73, BAS