In the Russian Radio DX RTTY contest some ham's are exchanging reports including  the operator name  of the station worked.
I wanted to do this too.
Therefore a call history file must be present in the N1MM logger directory
In the contest the associated files. The  call history file can be selected.
But this is a special format text file.
I could not find a recent file for  use with the Russian radio RTTY f.i. on the internet.

N1MM menu option to download the latest check partial file.  master.dta or other xxxx.dta
What happens further with this file I have not  figured out yet... possible it is enough to place it in the program directory of N1MM ?
This type of file can not be selected in the associated file tap.

But that is not the same as the call history file   text format
That one can be imported if you have one...

I don't   so I could not   set the welcome/ hello om  report here
needs more study?
the N1MM document is very good  I must overlook something
It can not be that complex?

possible those  call history files are not available for free download?

I have the master.dta and the mastertty.dta
   but what to do with it  the format can not be used by N1MM?



I have the same problem. It seems one must make this file by exporting data from old contests into the "call history file", but for newcomers it would seem there would be a general summay file to download for starters. I cannot find such a file, if anyone does please email me
simplecall said…
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