28MHz Australia center of the world 10m CW 5W1SA 4W6A

Later  in CW
28.034 KH0/NH2B  simplex(..)  heard but went QRT before I was ready to call
28.008 KH2/N2NL fb operator good signal but worked before.

Then 28031 heard 5W1SA  Samoa NNE  almost over the north-pole  signal sounded a bit Auroral not strong 539 but good Q5   I called many times  at the right uplink although he never mentioned he was listening up. But no response  I guess full power from an ACOM1000  is not enough?

Then 28.021   4W6A  East Timor     559 569 auroral sound (all signals)     up 5-10  called 500 times  I felt a bit like an idiot.
If he can not hear this signal full power  in the 3 ele StepIR   he must be deaf or running hi power in a noisy place?  Even when calling at the right uplink freq. no response.
Possible East Timor is not allowed to work PA?
Big pile of course  a bit behind the usual wall here but never the less one time I should be in the clear?
Why should I push it to the limit trying to work someone  who can or will not receive me anyway?
I lost my appetite complete for 4W6A  I am not trying again in the pile not spending 1 mW more.



PE4BAS, Bas said…
Neem aan dat die WX map een stukje script is. Wat jij dan wil is moeilijk.Ik heb gewoon 1 grote header gemaakt met diverse plaatjes daarin. 73, Bas
PA0O said…
Ja dat is blijkbaar lastig
Maar afbeeldingen in een bericht plaatsen gaat wel met de blog editor

raar dat dt niet werkt voor de rest
zal zijn reden wel hebben