PJ6D worked on 6 m

I had 160/80m WSPR mode running this week when in Germany for QRLthe lows band having a hard time for DX now.At 160m A45SWL sometimes decodes me.  80m little better T61AA  and VK7DIK few times. I had no internet access in the hotel i went to a nice cafe but even there access was slow i could not control wspr remote some evenings.

Friday evening back home switched to 6m  wspr  but nothing heard.
Then saw KP4EIT spots from ON/ south PA 50.110 did not hear him.
PJ6D was reported 50.106  QSX up 2
After some time hearing only calling stations suddenly  a clear signal from PJ6D came in! woow DX

Could work him after some time. Then he became  even a bit loud here in JO33hg
He was working into KN78 ! 
One SV was complaining  about not hearing..  I could not feel real sorry for him  I was thinking  pay your bills first. I know that is not fair  but I could not help..
And thought about being  born in Greece.. I would be retired some 15 years now all the time in the world to work DX ...
PJ6D Saba Island not a new DXCC but now a special community  of  The Netherlands.  PJ6D
recordings  can not placed direct in  BLOG  the server only accepts video / pictures or links.
its on filespace now 
 PJ6D 24 June 2011 abt 20:00 recording 1

recording 2recording 3



PE4BAS, Bas said…
Inderdaad Jaap, misschien een beetj politiek getint. Maar zo is het wel. Waarom moeten wij al die gepensioneerde grieken gaan betalen? Laat ze maar wat den voor de kost. Maar goed, niet alle grieken kunnen er wat aan doen. Vergeet de rijkste scheepsmagnaten van de wereld niet, de in hun eigen land geen belasting betalen. Ik snap niet hoe het allemaal in elkaar steekt, maar wat mij betreft zetten ze dit soort landen direct uit de EU. Mooie DX overigens, zou er binnenkort wat meer op WSPR te doen zijn? 73, Bas