propagation reset

After some weeks of promising  28MHz openings.  All seems to be back to the start now.
Just last Sunday morning showed VK7AB 11x ! decoding me  and VK2KRR 1x  decoded
at 10meters.  The week before and after almost no signals at all.

Now i have my 7ele LFA yagi for 6M in the mast again. had to take down the 10/15/20/40 dipole  to keep it easy.

So I am back at 50MHz.  The LFA did show high SWR though.
Last year when I first had this beam it was a perfect match.
Then end of season i took it down stored it in house.
Could not tune the loop for a better match. Something is changed.

50MHz had some ES openings but i did not work anything yet.
I had WSPR running on it. YO6DN was the best distance sofar.
Now i can be QRV during working days...
The WSPR activity is low however   some decodes from F G I PA 

80m  is still good at Sunset 
yesterday VK7DIK 1x and tonight again around 19UTC

 2011-05-26 18:56  PA0O  3.594170  -28  0  JO33hg  5  VK7DIK  QE28sf  16731  84 
2011-05-26 19:08  PA0O  3.594106  -27  0  JO33hg  5  VK5PJ  PF95mk  15778  80


PE4BAS, Bas said…
Hallo Jaap, de zonnevlekken laten ons een beetje in de steek. Maar de ES is weer ok. 73, Bas