WSPR discusion on EHAM And still copy WD2XSH/17 @ 0.495890 MHz

I recently posted my enthusiast article about using   WSPR  when i am not in the shack or even not at home.
I got a lot of response some positive reaction even...

It seems that WSPR  is not so well known .
some HAM's  where afraid that there would be an invasion of QRM of Robot stations when everyone would use this like i do 24/7/365..
And they where wondering how much radio spectrum would be used ... although I just explained 200Hz band-slots...
Reading and listening is not as easy as it seems.

Although  i explained  briefly  WSPR  is using a very small band slice 200Hz and low power, still  the old packet radio QRM  stories came up. Some HAM  possible did confuse WSPR with other DIGI modes that are not as silent and effective in power and frequency use. 

Operating a radio unattended is not allowed in USA at some or all? frequencies.  But it can be controlled remote if necessary.
Mainly the pain was about the 7040kHz .
QRP operations could be QRM'd..  
But how many QRP stations actually would fit in 200Hz b/w ?
You have to have a very clean CW tone  not to exceed 200Hz.
And what about tuning 100Hz away if QRM excists?  QRP does not mean you can not tune your rig a bit does it?
I had the impression some reflectors had no idea where they are talking about.  1 QRP station can occupy  more spectrum then the whole group of WSPR stations together.
WSPR is promoting the use of low power since using more power does not bring much is my experience  5W is almost too much ( i am using 5W mostly)

My view is,   that it is  a waste  of radio/ locations that the radio is switched off instead of being a WSPR  beacon.

2  nights i did monitor 495.900 kHz  still decode WD2XSH/17  1 time each night  in the early morning 04 UTC

So the K9AY loop antenne still works.  The advantage of this antenna i do not have to break it down after winter like the Beverage that was crossing the land.


PE4BAS, Bas said…
Hallo Jaap, inderdaad tref ik ook nog heel wat amateurs die niet weten wat WSPR inhoud. Het zou tegenwoordig haast een standaard vraag moeten zijn op het examen. 73, Bas
Julian said…
Hams posting opinions about things they know nothing about? Par for the course at eHam (and QRZ) I'd have thought! :)
Jaap said…
hello Julian

Par for the course

I do not know the meaning of that
i guess it means something like :
"just what i thought"