oooowwww very bad propagation this weekend on the low bands

On 500kHz   only 1 USA report from EU ;-)

2011-02-27 05:18
 WD2XSH/7  0.495969  -27  0  EM31js  20  PA0O  JO33hg  7830  39

Only 1  decode  against 16 previous nights
160m yesterday evening and night   not a single DX over 3000!
much later  some USA decodes
I have never seen such poor propagation since i have been on with WSPR
80m the same
in the top DX list   no EU  present  no VK to EU 

One time i tried to make a sort of DX-index for JO33
I select 100 records descending on distance over 24hours  and  count  the DX>4000
Most time my Index is well above 50  But now it was zero on 160 and 80m until long after  midnight very unusual.  

2011-02-27 06:08  PA0O  3.594140  -16  0  JO33hg  5  WB8HWF  EN80sc  6497
 was the best  DX  decoded   normally   VK6  or VK7DIK  
 the best DX decode  in EU was W to south DL
The other EU decodes in the list are erroneous.
The best band was 28MHz  with VK6TQ and VK6GOS 
15m also poor
The conclusion is that we where lucky last 2 weekend  it could have been much worse.
So it was very clear to me right away that propagation was changed dramatically .
But no one made any remarks about it!  very strange !  Everyone at the WSPR  chat  seemed to find this dramatic free fall of propagation normal???      

My other .. sometimes conflicting hobby
This morning  I decided to go for a "training"  cycle trip...  

Until now I  always invented an excuse not to go.
But no radio event or QRL trip and absolute boring propagation so... no more excuse
It was a cold fog this morning at 8 am  I decided to use my special hi tech thermo socks waterproof...
And not my neoprene Sleeves... a wrong decision  as I found out painfully.
After 20km it started to rain cold rain snow almost.  We got totally soaked  and i got very cold feet and legs.
We decided not to do the long trip 100km rounding the Lauwersmeer   Zoutkamp was our turning point only 75 km.
It has been some years that I have been so freezing cold.
We had to recover  with warm jars and shower.
Now it just started to snow ...

I have installed  Ham Radio Deluxe V5  on this XP machine  works good
I want to have complete remote control over my K3 i am new to HRD i tried it on my laptop W764pro but it did crash XP should be no problem.
Now  can control it with my mobile phone  and  the beta version Teamviewer for Android 
It is just unbelievable...
I have not found out if there is another way i like an HRD web-server.  Teamviewer has the advantage that it goes trough most routers and firewalls without anything to configure.
It is real good software. Download it and it works. It is free for private use but expensive to licence  1000€ or so. 

But my station it needs  remote controlled Antenna switch / tuner.
I have the ACOM1000 only using it sometime in DX-pedition pileups.
The ACOM is a beauty PA but  has only the conventional 1 in 1 out connection and no CAT control.

Now i can use the ANT1  ANT2  of the K3 
I have my 80m vertical on ANT2  and the 40-20-15-10  dipole on ANT1  or I have to swich manual to the 160 vertical at the cost of 15 and 10m for WSPR.
Receiving  can be selected to the RX ANT  alternative  the K9AY loop   for 500kHz f.i.



PE4BAS, Bas said…
Jaap, het was geen weer om te fietsen joh. Hoop dat je er niet ziek van bent geworden. Het was beter geweest het NAT te bezoeken, daar was het warm en droog. Ik heb teamviewer ook gebruikt en me een ondersteunende telefoon lijkt het me ook te gek om zo de set op afstand te bedienen. Helaas heb ik nog een oude JAVA telefoon, dus dat feest gaat niet door. Maar wel regelmatig met de laptop. Deed het in verleden ook met NTR connect, ging ook prima tot ze hun beleid aan pasten. Laatste tijd probeer ik logmein, maar dat is hier zo traag als stroop. Denk dat teamviewer nog het snelst is momenteel. 73, Bas
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