80 and 160 came back alive again

20110201 2010 1822,0 CW PA0O 559 VK3HJ 579  return on cq
several JA's heard  VK4MA heard good just before  QRT
160m seems a bit alive again after not hearing any DX for long time even WSPR was poor on 160 for weeks.

20110201 2247 1850,0 LSB PA0O 59 K8PO 57 Paul in Phone
20110202 1743 10102,5 CW PA0O 599 XT2RJA 599
20110202 1822 3511,0 CW PA0O 599 T88ZM 599
T88ZM very strong on 80 CW peaking 599 hard to believe that it was real PALAU Isl and  heard short on 160m
Lots of tuning as always on 80m this DX attacks lot of QRI

3503,5 CW PA0O 599 BU2AQ 599
20110202 2141 7024,0 CW PA0O 599 VP8ORK 599
VP8ORK had a good signal at 30m  but they went  QRT/X   by the time I was just ready to call them... 2 x in a row..

WD2XSH/17 most nights at 0.501500 WSPR several decodes


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