The contest is still going now 
see the real time results:


I am in the  SO low power   100w   i did not start  telnet in N1MM 
but had the dxcluster screen on.  Passive spotting is the criterion for being assisted  so i could have just as well loaded  the band ruller with cluster spots.

Propagation poor was no surprise as the WSPR DX spots on 160 have been poor last weeks.
Mostly     zone 14 15 16 20 
Saturday heard  1 JA4  he started CQ  at "my" CQ frequency...  that was not giving much hope...
the "highlights"    A73A   JT5DX   VY2SS  only the ones with  good receive antenna's   a Beverage to EU  can hear me.
A few big W's and 2 VY2 stations could be worked

Sunday evening several JA's heard S&P working EU  but could not work zone 25.

By mistake I started  N1MM with the wrong contest type  CQDXWW
Found out after 100Q's trying to log  the state of VY2ZM   that was not accepted..  Had to force logging control alt enter

Now the problem  how to transfer the log to the CQ160 type log.
N1MM  does have a FAQ and this issue is explained.

I did edit  the  the export ADIF file   using notepad ++ freeware. Better for find and replace then the standard Notepad.
Generated a test CQ160 ADIF file with 1  record to compare the needed  format. 
Then  created a new CQ160 log  but importing the edited ADIF was not accepted  all records were reported as double.
Then i opened a new empty database   new.mdb   but could not start a new CQ160 log  The logger did shut down several times  But after a few retries and after having compressed  the database?  The import ADIF was accepted and i was ready to continue..
This CQ160 log table is in the new.mdb.
Strange that it gave dupe errors  normal you can work the same calls over and over again having different contest-logs in the same database. I have all logs in ham.mdb   and N1MM document Say's  that is no issue  the performance is not affected by having all in ham.mdb.
I noticed  when switching between logs:   loading QSOparty is executed every time.
I think this is not correct  it but does not really harm?
I have the latest  N1MM version V 11.1.3